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Hello Thomas, thanks a lot for your research.

Seems like the areas between Monguno, Malam Fatori and Damasak basically remain uncontested ISWAP-governed areas. In Niger the government is always talking about the return of the Nigerian refugees, but as most of them are from Abadam and Mobbar LGAs the repatriation into ISWAP's realm seems rather questionable.

In case you are interested in the geographical impact of the destruction by the armed groups in Borno check out https://googleearthcommunity.proboards.com/thread/6373/conflict-settlement-destruction-eastern-nigeria (I think you my need to login). It may now be a bit outdated, but there are some interesting trends even back in the days, like the creation of new villages and the return of the population to areas like Bama and Banki.

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